Residential Program


MISE Foundation provides supervised boarding program for students coming from outside Accra who may need such services at an additional cost. We kindly advise prospective residential applicants to read the program requirements below carefully;

  1. Clothing:Warm weather clothing is appropriate for most occasions. Some people may enjoy wearing a sweater in air-conditioned rooms. Note: Please bring non-marking tennis or basketball shoes for use in the Student Recreation Center. Please bring a formal attire for the closing program
  1. Laundry:Laundry facilities are available for a fee. Please budget extra for this
  1. Rooms:We are staying in a first class residential property in Accra. Separate floors of the residence are provided for male and female students and staffs. The accommodation is complete with a lounge suitable for relaxing and small-group discussions.
  1. Telephone Service:Students need to bring their own telephone. We recommend that students bring a cell phone with enough recharge units.  Foreign students will be provided with one at a fee.
  1. Personal Items:Students are to bring water bottle, toothpaste, toothbrush, bath soap, laundry soap, personal hygiene items, hangers, beach towel, alarm clock, and suntan lotion. Additionally, each student must bring a pillow, twin sheets, a blanket, and towels. All personal items of value should be labeled with the student’s name, address, and telephone number. Insurance and records (make, model, serial number) are a recommended precaution as the MISE Foundation is not liable for loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings.
  1. Optional Items:Students may bring a guitar or other portable musical instrument, binoculars, laptop, camera, board games, playing cards,and tennis or handball gear. No video games, or televisions are permitted.
  1. Supervision: Mentors will live with students. Mentors will be present at all program activities.
  1. Rules and Regulations:There will be NO tobacco, alcohol, or drugs used by students and mentors while attending the Camp. Prompt class attendance and proper behavior will be expected from all students. Students will be allowed to leave campus only with written parental approval in advance, specifying date, time, and destination. Camp students will be supervised by Camp director with assistance from the Mentors. Students are expected to follow all Lincoln rules and regulations and to respect Guest facilities. Parents will be billed for any damage caused by their children’s negligence. Students not following rules or not participating in classes will be sent home immediately after parents/ guardians are notified of their impending arrival.
  1. Medical Treatment:An excellent Student Health Center is located at the Lincoln Community School should medical attention be necessary. If your child requires attention beyond the scope of the Student Health Center, we will use the nearest clinic from campus. Parents are responsible for the cost of treatment provided by the Student Health Center. Parents must inform the camp administrators about any Medical History of their children. Note: The MISE Foundation does not provide any medical insurance.
  1. Religious Services: There are several churches near residential facility. If you wish for your child to attend services, please let us know and we will make arrangements.
  1. Absences: Participants are required to attend for the full duration of the program and participate in all planned activities.  We strongly discourage overnight absences, as this takes away from the experiences of doing mathematics with peers and faculty. Parents are welcome to visit for a day and take their student out to lunch or dinner, but we discourage longer absences.