MISE Research Program

The MISE Research Program is a research competition for intellectually curious high school mathematicians. Students who qualify for the program are provided a unique opportunity to;

  • Learn from outstanding scientists and engineers.
  • Engage in hands-on, problem-based learning experiences.
  • Create innovative technology using cutting edge computational tools.
  • Meet like-minds who share a passion for math and technology.

To apply, kindly fill out the online form here. The program is highly selective. We look for students who have demonstrated a record of mathematical achievement both inside and outside the classroom. No prior knowledge or experience in computer programming / coding, or computer science is needed to apply! 

Program Dates Closed for 2020. Check back later for the 2021 Program dates

Recent faculty and visiting guest speakers have included leading scientists and engineers such as Dr. Billy Okal -Apple /Voyager, Dr. Corina Gurau- Oxford University, Dr. Thomas Nketiah – Oxford University, Amy Zhang -MIT/ Facebook AI Research,Vincent Mai – ETH Zurich /Mila, Kwasi Adu-Berchie – Harvard University, Uma Roy – MIT/ Google, Karan Grewal- University of Toronto/ Princeton, David Krugger -Mila, Mike Nelson -Perimeter Institute and Dr. Sangu Delle – Harvard-educated entrepreneur.

We empower young mathematicians to create the future!