MISE Research Program

Do you want the opportunity to work with leading scientists and engineers on cutting-edge scientific research? …At MISE, we provide the resources and mentorship to get you started.

MISE Research Program is Ghana’s most prestigious project-based science competition. It is designed to encourage high school mathematicians to explore cutting-edge research topics in mathematics, computer science and engineering.

The program comprises;

  • An intensive masterclass in computational problem solving 
  • A summer research internship with leading scientists and engineers
  • And a culminating research symposium and project fair.

Admission is very selective. We welcome high school students with a passion for  math and technology to apply by filling out the online registration form here.

Recent Faculty and visiting guest speakers have included prominent figures such as: the late Prof. Francis KA Allotey, Dr. Lorenzo Pellis of Oxford university, Dr. Franca Hoffmann of Cambridge University, Dr. Outi Supponen of Swiss Federal College of Technology,  Dr. Thomas Nketiah -Oxford University, Amy Zhang of MIT/Facebook AI Research, Leonardo Williams of Imperial College London, Olivia McLeod-Brown of Oxford University, Danny Parsons of Warwick University, Mike Nelson of Perimeter Institute, Canada, and Sangu Delle- Harvard-educated Lawyer and CEO of Golden Palm Investments.