MISE Research Program

Do you want to work on cutting-edge computing and engineering research projects? At MISE, we are committed to nurturing your curiosity and providing you with the resources and mentorship to get you started.

Through the MISE Research Program, we provide mathematically excellent high school students the opportunity to do scientific research under the mentorship of world-class professionals and graduate students.

By engaging in the Research program, you will have the opportunity to solve real-world social problems and participate in each phase of the research process- from developing research plans to conducting research, analysing data and presenting results.

Program Highlights

  • Computational Problem Solving.
  • Mentored research and hands-on exploration
  • A culminating research symposium and project fair.

2017 Research Mentors

  • Amy Zhang -MIT/ Facebook 
  • Thomas Nketia -Oxford University.

Dates : 3rd-14th July, 2017

Venue: Lincoln Community School

Admission is on the basis of mathematical ability and potential. 

If you have a passion for technology and innovation and would like to create technology to solve a social problem, then you should definitely apply .

Recent faculty and visiting guest speakers have included prominent figures such as  the world-renowned mathematical physicist- Prof. Francis Allotey, Dr. Lorenzo Pellis- Oxford and other first class grauduate students such as Franca Hoffmann -Cambridge, Outi Supponen and Leonardo Williams-Imperial College London, Olivia McLeod-Brown- Oxford, Romeo Mensah- Hariot Watt, Mike Nelson -Perimeter Institute Canada, Danny Parsons-Warwick and Samuel Amoako-Frimpong.

The program has also been visited by leading entrepreneurs and innovators such as Sangu Delle -CEO of Golden Palm Investments. Nii Shipii Quainoo -CEO of TAGh, and Eyram Tawiah -CEO of Letti Arts.