MISE Research Program

MISE Research Program is a Technology and Innovation competition for intellectually curious high school mathematicians. 

The program offers participants the opportunity to explore cutting-edge research, computational thinking and innovative technology. At the conclusion of the program, students will submit a scientific paper and report on their findings.

The program is focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) providing African students the opportunity to;

  • Learn effective machine learning (ML) techniques and its theoretical framework.
  • And apply and implement these techniques to real-world problems (e.g. self-driving cars, facial recognition, understanding covid 19, computational biology & bioinformatics etc).

MISE is highly selective, we are looking for 14 to 16 year olds (in Form 5 and SHS1) who are interested in creating technical solutions for problems in every field.

Apply by filling the online form here. Prior programming or computer science background is not required to apply. 

Participate. Solve Problems. Create the future!