MISE Research Program

The MISE Research Program is designed to introduce talented high school mathematicians to cutting-edge research, computational thinking and innovative technology.

  • Students qualify for the program through a nationwide problem solving tournament.
  • Selected students work alongside leading scientists and engineers to complete their research projects. 
  • A research symposium at the end of the program decides the finalists for ISEF/Expo for Young Scientists.

Admission is highly selective. We are looking for motivated 10th Grade students who have demonstrated:

  • Outstanding academic achievement in Mathematics (Usually A*,A or a 7 in IGCSE/WASSCE/IBMYP Additional Mathematics).
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills (Mostly A*, A or a 7 in IGCSE/WASSCE/MYP English Language).
  • Intellectual curiosity and a determination to do research. 

If you meet all the criteria above, then we welcome you to fill out the online application form