Math Olympiad Program

The International Math Olympiad (IMO) is the world’s championship mathematics competition for talented high school students. Each participating country has its own selection procedure for identifying suitable candidates to represent it at the IMO.

In Ghana, there are a series of selection tournaments which culminate into a National Final Championship where ultimately, a team will be chosen among the top scoring national finalists to represent the country and compete at the IMO.

To be eligible to apply for the Ghana Math Olympiad 2021, students must meet all of the following criteria::

  1. Be in Grade 9,10 or 11 or (JHS3, SHS1, SHS2).  Students in Grade 7 and 8 may apply for our Junior Math Challenge
  2. Be 13-16 years old as of December 31, 2020.  Younger students who meet the grade requirement are eligible.
  3. Foreign Nationals studying at a Ghanaian ( public or international) Secondary school are eligible to apply.
  4. Ghanaian Nationals studying abroad are equally eligible to apply.

If you meet all these criteria, then we welcome you to fill out our online form to register.

Unlike most math competitions or quiz programs, the Olympiad Program requires problem solving at a higher level than is usually taught in most schools. Candidates must therefore prepare specifically using the resources on the AOPS Alcumus website

Participate. Solve Problems. Create the future! 

We are very grateful to the US Department of State, Accra for their generous title sponsorship of our  2019-2020 Math Olympiad Program in Ghana.