Math Olympiad Program

The Mathematical Olympiad is an advanced problem solving competition designed to identify and prepare talented high school mathematicians for the International Mathematical Olympiad. 

MISE Problem Solving Tournament is the main qualifying exam for the Olympiad Program. Candidates must meet all the following criteria in order to participate:

  • Be in Grade 8, 9,10 or equivalent in the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Be atleast 13 years old and not more than 16 years old by December 2020.
  • Students younger than 13 but in Grade 8, 9 or 10 are eligible. 
MISE Grade Ghanaian Equivalent British Equivalent American Equivalent
Grade 8 JHS 2 and 3 Year 9 Grade 8
Grade 9 JHS3 and SHS1 Year 10 Grade 9
Grade 10 SHS 1 Year 11 Grade 10

To apply, kindly fill the form here.

You may use the AOPS Alcumus to prepare for the tournament. Success will require problem solving at a higher level than is usually taught in schools.

Recent faculty includes some of the brightest minds in mathematics such as; Dr. Mark Saul- Director American Math Competition, Prof. Moon Duchin- Harvard, Prof. David Savitt- Harvard, Saranesh Prembabu- MIT/ Harvard, Ashwath Thirumalai- MIT, Pius Onah- Cambridge, Wendy Mu- Stanford, Timothy Chu- USAMO Winner /MIT, Mathew Crawford, Sefa Adzo Yakpo- GHAMO Winner /MIT, Brian Basham- MIT/Google,Trenton Osborn- Google, Purev Batelger – Mongolian IMO Bronze Medalist, Yao Ohene- Harvard, Brian Zhang -Harvard/Oxford, Tim Pyo Jeon- Stanford, Yi Han – Harvard, Dr. Joshua Alman- MIT/Harvard and David Yang- MIT/Harvard, IMO Gold Medalist, Putnam fellow and Morgan Prize winner.

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