Ghana Math Olympiad

Like students with talents in sports or the arts, those with math talents also deserve the opportunity to develop their skills to the highest possible level.
The Math Olympiad Program (MOP) seeks to enrich the education of our nation’s top mathematical talents and provide them opportunities to engage in advanced problem solving and world-class skills training.
Ultimately top participants are rewarded with the opportunity to represent Ghana at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

Program Highlights:

  • An intensive 2-week bootcamp in advanced problem solving and proof techniques.
  • A culminating proof-style team selection exam decides the Ghana IMO Team.

International Math Olympiad

  • A celebration of the world’s brightest young mathematicians.
  • Participation is limited to winners of National Math Olympiads from over 100 countries.
How to Participate: 
To be eligible to participate in the 2018 Ghana Math Olympiad program, students must;
  • Be in 8th – 11th grade and not older than 17 years.
  • Register by 1st December, 2017
  • Take the MISE Solve-A-Thon exam.
Recent faculty and visiting guest speakers have included some of the brightest minds in mathematics such as- Prof. Mark Saul- Director,American Math Competition, Prof. Moon Duchin and Prof. David Savitt- Harvard educated mathematicians, Timothy Chu- a USAMO Winner- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sefa Adzo Yakpo – GHAMO Winner -Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Selorm Yao Ohene – Harvard University.